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This group is for professionals who want connect and get connected in order to grow their business.  This group will help others make the connections necessary to transcend from where they are today.  Live to give--connect somebody--it may be their big break!

Jump Right in and Start Giving! 

1. Update your profile: add a photo or logo image, add contact details, be creative.

2. Participate in Forum Discussions: The forum is a place to discuss current events, post opportunities you have to offer or are looking for, and find ways to live to give. 

3. Add an Objective: This is a feature that allows you to post a project that you're working on to solicit group opinions and/or participation.

4. Add Key Connections: Key connections are people (yourself or people you know) who the members of IBWC Group could benefit from. 

5. Add Events to the Calendar: You are free to post any events (virtual & local & international) whether it's an event you're organizing, attending, or just one you think our members might be interested in.

Change your life philosophy to giving unselfishly with no expectations and watch the abundance poor into every aspect of your life...





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Live to Give Power Connections
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